Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition was already in a great deal of trouble and now it looks like this has come to a head. An early election is going to be held next April.

Jerusalem Post:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the parties in his coalition decided Monday to disperse the Knesset this week and initiate an early general election on April 9, 2019.

Netanyahu boasted to his Likud faction that his coalition lasted four years and had key diplomatic, security and economic accomplishments. He said he could not initiate the election six weeks ago, when Avigdor Liberman resigned as Defense Minister and sparked a coalition crisis, because he wanted to first complete destroying tunnels on the Lebanese border in Operation Northern Shield.

“With God’s help, we will win,” said Netanyahu, who vowed to form the same coalition after the election.

Yeah, so Netanyahu thinks God will give him victory. Good luck to that. I somehow doubt God is on his side. He’s a Zionist war criminal who has ordered the murder of children and women.

While the election is still months away, there’s an outside chance Israel could shift towards the leftist parties. Netanyahu has been mired in domestic corruption scandals and Israel has become increasingly more isolated from a geopolitical standpoint. They are no longer able to operate freely in Syria after the Russians brought in their S-300 air defense systems. And President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria has represented another major blow to Israel.

Unfortunately, Netanyahu remains popular so the most likely outcome is his Likud party getting the most votes. The question will be is if he’ll be able to form a coalition.