I just wanted to wish everyone who reads this site a Merry Christmas. The phrase “Happy Holidays” is Jewish bullshit and that is why we always say “Merry Christmas.”

It is greatly unfortunate, but the Jewish race is constantly trying to undermine and attack the true meaning of Christmas. Regardless of your religious beliefs, they are the race who killed Jesus Christ. Many Jews are proud of this. It is why they have done everything in their power to try and remove “Christ” from “Christmas.” It was never enough to physically kill Christ. They hate what he stood for so much that they have attempted to erase any historical reference of him from existence. These efforts have failed and will continue to fail well into the future.

Christmas was never about rampant materialism and consumerism. This is what the Jews have tried to turn the Christmas season into. In reality, Christmas has a larger spiritual meaning about “giving” and other higher ideals that the Jews are incapable of comprehending. That’s because they are a worldly group obsessed with material possessions, money and earthly power. But in the end, none of those things matter because we can’t take material possessions with us when we die.

This site is my humble contribution in trying to make the world a better place regardless of the consequences involved. And we can only make the world a better place by ending the Jewish subversion of our nations.

I hope everybody had a chance to spend some time with friends and family today. I’ll resume publishing more news analysis and articles tomorrow. And of course you can always check out my regular contributions over at the Daily Stormer. It is in my view the most formidable media force exposing the Jews that exists today.

So once again, I wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas!