The Neo-Nazi retard brigade that is inexplicably still allowed to operate openly on Twitter, is doubling down on their agenda to promote the most extreme version of Jewish feminism ever conceived.

Just take a look at what one prominent Neo-Nazi retard is posting on his feed.

They’ve taken the official position that if you don’t support the deranged Jewish feminist rape-hoax agenda of the kike lawyer Gloria Allred that you are automatically a Jewish shill who supports Jews defiling White women. An agenda that has been pushed by the entire Jewish establishment no less.

Because saying that the rape case of the Jew Harvey Weinstein sets a legal precedent to have men thrown in prison for rape based solely on the emotional feelings of unhinged women must mean that you are shill for Jews. It must also mean that you are a defender of the Jew Weinstein.

They’re flat out lying when they say that people are supporting Weinstein and Jews defiling White women for simply pointing out this legal precedent. Neither of these things are true.

Just think about this for a moment. They’ve literally taken the side of the entire Jewish establishment which threw a single Jew under the bus to advance their radical feminist agenda.

How can anybody take this group of people seriously when they take such a position?

Keep in mind, this is the same brigade of retards who defended having associations with federal informants.

It is utterly mind boggling to see a group of people claim that you are not a real hardcore Neo-Nazi unless you shill for the extremist Jewish feminist agenda of Gloria Allred and the larger Jewish establishment. They are also saying that you are not a real hardcore Neo-Nazi unless you white knight for all these whores who voluntarily had sex with the Jew Weinstein. Even though these skanks willfully fucked him because they thought they would receive a myriad of benefits in return for having sex with him.

The only solution to this is to shame these sluts as the whores that they are and have Jews forcibly removed from the country. White knighting for these cunts doesn’t do a damn thing. And supporting the rape-hoax agenda pushed by the larger Jewish establishment is most definitely not going to solve this problem.

Seeing alleged Neo-Nazis trying to get their followers to support this radical Jewish form of feminism is utterly insane and dumb. It could be the dumbest thing promoted yet by the Neo-Nazi community. They obviously think their followers are stupid, otherwise they wouldn’t be promoting such obviously ridiculous bullshit.