Morning Joe Scarborough is one of the most obnoxious shills on television. Of course, if he wasn’t a total shill for Jews, he would not be on MSNBC, a television network owned and run by Jews.

He was on Twitter today implying that Russians killed the Israeli Mossad asset Jeff Epstein.

First off, why would the Russians want him dead?

Second, how would the Russians go about killing a high profile Jew in a jail cell?

If anybody would want him dead, it would be either Jews with the Israeli Mossad or people Epstein had blackmail material on. The Russians are like last on the list of people who would plot to kill him. It appears as though Epstein mostly involved himself in generating blackmail material on American politicians. There are no firm connections he has to Russians. At least none of any real significance that we know of.

Morning Joe is just trying to deflect from the fact that Epstein was a Jew who was connected to Israeli intelligence. The entire Jewish media complex has been spending the past few years projecting Jewish crimes on to Russians. So this farcical conspiracy theory being promoted by Morning Joe is not a surprise to see.