Apparently a new caravan is forming and there are estimates that it could be as large as 20,000.


Mexico is bracing for the possible arrival of the “mother of all caravans,” even as doubts arise over whether the group of Central American migrants will be all that big.

Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero has said a caravan of migrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala could be forming.

“We have information that a new caravan is forming in Honduras, that they’re calling ‘the mother of all caravans,’ and they are thinking it could have more than 20,000 people,” Sanchez Cordero said Wednesday.

It would not surprise me if a caravan of 20,000 did form. The United States is just letting in anybody who says they fear for their life because they live in a shithole country. Worst case they are just detained for a short period of time before they are let out into the streets.

The whole thing is a cluster fuck but maybe if we are lucky Blurmf will tweet about it a few times.