Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has just confirmed that Jews are indeed a driving force behind bringing brown and black filth into the country. She just gave an Israeli Jew charity an award for resettling these disgusting monkey invaders.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday awarded the national integration prize to a project aiding refugees run by two Jewish and Israeli organizations.

The project “Building Bridges Encountering diversity” (Brückenbau – Vielfalt begegnen) won the annual prize for imparting the values of tolerance, non-discrimination, equal rights and acceptance of different religions in its work with refugees.

The project is run by the Central Welfare Office of the Jews in Germany and the Israeli relief organization IsraAID at 10 migrant reception centers in Berlin and Frankfurt. It receives support from the German government.

The Building Bridges project provides psychological and social support to refugees fleeing conflict zones. It also focuses on women’s rights and empowerment.

Workers in the project are Arabic speaking Israelis, Jewish Israelis as well as Germans, who are also supported by volunteers.

And of course you have the famous clip from the Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre who openly admits that Jews are conspiring to turn Europe into a brown shithole. She even talks about how Jews will be resented for flooding Europe with third world genetic waste.

What more evidence does one need to see that this subversive alien race known as Jews is conspiring to destroy White countries with unlimited third world immigration? It’s an openly admitted agenda.

One other note regarding Merkel, she’s stepping down as the head of her political party but plans to stay on as chancellor until 2021. Her party has been rapidly losing support as a result of her decision to welcome an invasion of the country.

Hopefully she is forced out sooner, but who knows if that will happen. If it does happen, she’ll likely be replaced with someone just as bad and there will be few if any changes in current policies. The right-wing is just not big enough in Germany yet and it doesn’t appear as if Adolf Hitler will be rising from the dead anytime soon.