Large numbers of brown hordes are continuing to form in Central America. All of them have a singular goal of invading the United States of America. It is good to see that Donald Trump has ordered over 5,000 troops to the border to deal with these caravan armies. This is in addition to over 2,000 national guard soldiers already stationed there.

The Mexican government is letting huge numbers of them cross into their country and are not putting up much of a fight to stop them.

Some of this footage is quite insane to watch. All of this has been stirred up by leftist groups in Central America. Thousands of people don’t just decide to pack up from where they are and march thousands of miles north. They’re getting paid and supported along the way by these organizations and are being given false expectations of what awaits them at the border.

This is an invasion. I don’t give a fuck what the propagandists in the Jew-run media say. I couldn’t give a single damn about anybody in these caravans. Shoot them, use drone strikes on them for all I care. Just keep them the fuck out of America.