What type of country puts their own people in prison for possessing a bottle of wine that happens to have a picture of Adolf Hitler on it? These types of laws are completely ridiculous and insane.


An Austrian man has been locked up for glorifying Nazism after cops found multiple bottles of Hitler-branded wine at his home.

The 31-year-old, from the western state of Vorarlberg, was discovered to own several bottles of the wine and increasingly popular wine.

He was jailed for six months after being found guilty of glorifying the activities of the Nazis – a crime in countries like Austria and Germany.

The sentence will be added to a non-related 18-month prison term for an offence against drugs laws he was convicted of earlier this month.

World War II ended over seven decades ago. Even if we are to believe that Hitler was the most evil man to ever live, why would a government spend its time prosecuting people for such things? Especially when there are third world migrants all over Europe raping and killing people. Shouldn’t government resources be directed at enforcing those laws over this nonsense? This should be basic common sense.

Germany and Austria have some very strange laws that need to be immediately overturned. All these thought crime laws that make it illegal to say positive things about Hitler, National Socialism or deny the Holocaust are things that you’d expect to find in a science fiction novel.