Breitbart has obtained a leaked Google document which shows a deliberate plan to censor their political enemies. The document has the Orwellian title “The Good Censor” which reveals their true mindset regarding political content. There is nothing good about censoring political speech but in their view, censoring speech they disagree with is a noble cause.

There’s lots of ridiculous and goofy bullshit said in this document. In essence, the document states that the election of Donald Trump and the rise of Alternative for Deutschland in Germany have made it impossible for there to be free speech on their sites. And because of these election results, they claim that it is their duty to be the online thought police in order to prevent people from seeing so-called “harmful” content.

Perhaps most interesting is that the document admits that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are no longer neutral platforms. It says that they are publishers which means they are responsible for all content on their platforms. If these sites are treated as publishers which they should be, than they can be held liable for anything and everything posted by users. Unfortunately, these sites are still treated as neutral platforms which gives them special privileges and prevents them from being sued for user generated content.

There’s lots to unpack here but this document provides yet another reason why we need to regulate these companies. It’s absurd that these monopolistic firms are allowed to have this much control over public discourse.

The full documented is embedded below.