The former Attorney General of the United States and Negro terrorist Eric Holder is openly telling mobs of people to “kick” Republicans. He specifically said, “when they go low, we kick em” in reference to the GOP.

This comes after Hillary Clinton talked about how we can’t have civility until Democrats are returned to power.

This type of rhetoric is insane and comes after we have seen Republicans and Trump supporters violently attacked and harassed.

Last year, a man armed with a sniper rifle shot Congressional Republicans as they practiced for a baseball game. The shooter attacked them because they were Republicans. The incident almost resulted in the death of Congressman Steve Scalise.

In Portland, Oregon you have gangs of anti-fascist terrorists blocking roads and attacking random motorists for no specific reason.

The Democrats in their derangement are threatening even more mob violence for political gain. Right-wing political rallies have been routinely met with violence from anti-fascists and the police have done little to stop this sort of thing. What happened in Charlottesville last year is the most prominent example of this.

But that’s fine, let these people go full crazy. The crazier and more violent they become, the less political support they will have. This will also increase political support for these domestic terrorists to be rounded up and detained indefinitely in FEMA camps.