Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were apparently just banned from speaking in New Zealand. They were set to deliver speeches criticizing multiculturalism and other leftist nonsense. After announcing the venue for their speeches, they were immediately shut down.

Molyneux put out this video with Southern explaining the situation.

New Zealand television news even covered the event cancellation. There were lots of idiotic emotionally unhinged leftists out in the streets who were calling them fascists and racists.

Shutting them down like this was dumb though. All this has done is drawn more attention to their message.

While I’ve been very critical of both Molyneux and Southern for various reasons, I obviously support their right to free speech. And I am 100 percent on board with what they’re saying about the perils of multiculturalism etc.. So them getting banned like this is a victory.

Of course, neither of them will ever touch upon the Jewish problem. That’s the one line they won’t cross because it means they’ll be totally banned from social media and will lose their platforms.

Farmlands was a solid documentary though. Here it is again if you haven’t seen it.