Jordan Peterson may have sunk his career with this retarded tweet. He injected himself in a Twitter conversation about Brett Kavanaugh between a couple of Jews with the last name “Weinstein” and implied that Kavanaugh should resign from the Supreme Court.

This Peterson guy is a total clown. I honestly never understood why he developed such a big following. He basically came out of nowhere a few years ago promoting himself as some type of self-help guru with a very moderate stance against feminism. That’s literally his claim to fame. But if he can’t see what a retarded hoax the allegations against Kavanaugh were, than there’s no reason to take this individual seriously. Especially when he is proposing something straight out of the Jewish playbook.

Mark Dice’s response is spot on.

Peterson appears to be a controlled opposition front man who has been deliberately promoted by Jews. And considering what a strange person he is, it totally makes sense that the Jews would use him in this capacity. He’s into all sorts of fucked up abstract and Communist art and has even taken pictures of himself as a tranny. There are also pictures of him wearing satanic masks and he has a daughter who posts slutty photos of herself on Instagram. Anglin has a full article¬†out with all the pertinent photos and info if you want to see proof.

The bottom line is that the dude is just weird as fuck and it is highly probable that the Jews have all sorts of blackmail material on him.

Whatever the case, this insane tweet should be enough to discredit him for all of eternity. Not even his highly acclaimed penis washing book will be enough to save him.