The Jew Jared Kushner’s Israel-Palestine peace plan dubbed Peace to Prosperity is nothing but a bullshit hoax. The recently unveiled plan provides nothing substantive and is filled with pointless marketing buzzwords. It’s all focused around allegedly promising economic opportunities to Palestinians.

It also relies heavily on using retarded words like “unleashing” and “empowering.” These are the types of words one typically uses when they don’t have any specific strategy or proposal to solve a problem.

You can read it for yourself. It’s a fucking joke. There’s no discussion on how to solve the political realities on the ground. We have a situation where a bunch of Jewish terrorists came into Palestine decades ago and violently forced them off of their land. There’s no attempt to address these grievances nor any attempt to allow for the creation of a  Palestinian state. It’s just an edict telling the Palestinians that we’ll give you some economic opportunities if you let us rule over you.

But should we have expected anything less from a Zionist Jew who is a rabid supporter of Israel? The fact that Kushner of all people was put in charge of formulating an Israel-Palestine peace plan is ridiculous. Having Kushner do this is no different than if Trump asked a member of the Likud Party to draft a proposal.

Needless to say, the Palestinians do not appear interested in Kushner’s goofy bullshit. And I can’t blame them either.