Following another bombing campaign by the Israelis on Syria, the Iranians held a major military exercise in what can only be viewed as a message to Israel.

Take a look at this report from PressTV.

I honestly don’t think the Jews want to tangle with the Iranian military. If it wasn’t for American support of Israel, the Iranians and their allies would have rolled them over a long time ago.

Israeli ground forces are a joke quite frankly. They suffered an embarrassing defeat when they invaded Lebanon back in 2006 and were quickly pushed back. The only thing they’re good at is shooting unarmed Palestinian protesters and using fighter jets supplied by the United States to randomly drop bombs on people.

In other news involving Iran, the criminals in the United States government arrested one of PressTV’s news anchors under dubious circumstances. They eventually released her.

But yes, the United States is a free country. Keep believing that.