The extradition bill which was used as the primary excuse for the CIA and the State Department to cause riots in Hong Kong is being withdrawn.


Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has said her government will formally withdraw an extradition bill that has ignited months of protests and plunged the territory into its biggest political crisis in decades.

In a five-minute televised address on Wednesday, Lam said her government would formally withdraw the controversial bill to “fully allay public concerns”.

The bill, which would have allowed the extradition of suspects to China to be tried under the mainland’s opaque judicial system, prompted the start of mass protests in June that have led to increasingly violent confrontations with police and the arrest of more than 1,000 people.

“Our citizens, police and reporters have been injured during violent incidents,” Lam said. “There have been chaotic scenes at the airport and [mass transit railway] stations; roads and tunnels have been suddenly blocked.

“For many people, Hong Kong has become an unfamiliar place.”

Lam shelved the bill in June, and in July again insisted it was “dead” after weeks of protest from demonstrators who argued it could be revived if it was not formally withdrawn.

Even this is unlikely to end the riots. The purpose of the riots have nothing to do with democracy, this extradition bill or any of this other nonsense. The rioters have purposefully made all sorts of unreasonable demands in order to cause embarrassment and problems for the Chinese government.

This is 100 percent about destabilizing China.

So if I were to guess, the riots will continue but continue under the guise of some other excuse.

The Chinese should just send in the military, declare martial law and arrest all of these ZOG agitators.