Looks like the Jews at Disney tried to Jew the Star Wars fan base a few too many times. Their latest Star Wars film based on the early life of Han Solo is estimated to lose over $50 million.


Lucasfilm’s stand-alone Han Solo origin pic is faltering at the global box office, where it is expected to top out in the $400 million range.

To borrow one of Han Solo’s lines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “That’s not how the Force works!”

It’s an apt way to sum up the troubled performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story. In one of the biggest box-office surprises in recent times, Solo is badly underperforming and will become the first of the Star Wars movies made by Disney and Lucasfilm to lose money.

Wall Street analyst Barton Crockett says Solo will lose more than $50 million. Industry financing souces, however, say that figure could come in at $80 million or higher, although no one knows the exact terms of Disney’s deals for home entertainment and television, among other ancillary revenues.

Regardless of the final outcome, it’s clear that the Jews killed the Star Wars franchise. They got greedy and pumped out all sorts of shitty movies filled with social justice and feminist garbage. The Han Solo movie was written by Jews, stars a Jewish actor and was basically one of the most Jewish Star Wars movies yet. It’s not a surprise that it failed to deliver at the box office.

You could tell the tide was finally turning when Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi came out. That movie was criticized by many long time Star Wars fans. It basically destroyed the brand.

Unfortunately, Disney has many new Star Wars films coming out that they’re preparing to torture us with. You have Episode 9 and a bunch of other spin off films. It’s a good bet that they’ll all be terrible so you won’t be missing anything if you boycott them.