It’s pretty funny seeing all these people whine and complain about the shutdown of the federal government. It’s now the longest in history and I think it is great. I hope it continues for a long time.

Because let’s face facts, most people hate the federal government and how its institutions intrude on their lives. The shutdown isĀ forcing the Jewish media to justify the existence of all these government agencies that people hate. They’re also trying to imply that not paying these federal government employees is going to cause the equivalent of a zombie apocalypse. While it will cause problems for specific people, it is primarily causing problems for people who I dislike. But we’re not talking about a zombie apocalypse type of situation.

For instance, they want us to feel bad that 13,000 FBI Agents won’t be getting paychecks.

Considering that the FBI was involved in hoaxing a conspiracy against President Trump, hoaxing fake terror attacks by entrapping low IQ retards to justify their budgets and refusing to do a proper investigation into Hillary Clinton, please give me one reason why I should care that these people are not getting paid? The FBI is a domestic terrorist organization that does far more harm than good.

And then there’s the TSA which is universally hated by all Americans. They’re a crew of low IQ goons who get paid to harass airplane travelers and do nothing substantive to keep anybody safe. So I definitely don’t give a fuck that those assholes are not getting a paycheck. Especially that one rude fat TSA bastard in Texas I had to deal with in the TSA precheck line a few weeks ago.

Hopefully this continues to the point where the federal government stops giving out food stamp money. I want to see large numbers of niggers with no food chimpout in the streets. It would give President Trump justification to declare martial law, have the Jewish media shutdown and have his political enemies arrested and hauled away to FEMA camps.

So yeah, let the shutdown continue for months, years or whatever. Plus, the shutdown has meant fewer federal government assholes clogging up the roads. Highway traffic has been much better since the shutdown and this has been a very welcome benefit.