The media is noting how various medical professionals in Germany are concerned about the mental health toll all these lunatic coronavirus measures are having on the youth. Of course, the media is blaming the coronavirus for causing the problems and not the insane response to it by government officials. But at least Germans are highlighting the issue.


Pollina Dinner returned to school in Berlin for the first time this week after two months of lockdown. The 9-year-old third-grader was thrilled to see her classmates and teachers again but frets about the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on her life.

“I’m not afraid of the coronavirus, I’m afraid that everything will continue like this — that my school will close again, I won’t be able to see my friends, and that I can’t go to the movies with my family,” the girl said, fingering her blue medical mask and sighing deeply. “And wearing this mask is even worse than all the shops being closed.”

Psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatricians in Germany have voiced growing alarm that school closings, social restrictions and other precautions are magnifying the fear, disruption and stress of the pandemic among Germany’s 13.7 million children and teenagers, raising the prospect of a future mental health crisis.

“We don’t have any long-term studies yet, but there’s lots of anecdotal evidence of a crisis-driven rise in hospitalizations and overflowing psychologists’ practices,” Julia Asbrand, a professor of child and youth psychology at Berlin’s Humboldt University, told The Associated Press.

A recent survey by the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf found that about one child in three is suffering from pandemic-related anxiety or depression or is exhibiting psychosomatic symptoms like headaches or stomach aches. Children from poorer and immigrant families are disproportionally affected, according to the survey.

Naturally they focus on “immigrant” families even though these measures are having a toll on everyone.

Whatever the case, I have explained over and over again in 2020 that these lockdowns were going to be exponentially worse than the virus. I’m tired of explaining this. Where were all these experts talking about this in 2020? I’m not a medical expert or a medical professional but it didn’t take a genius to predict that a mental health crisis would be the result of all these lockdowns, forced masked-wearing etc..

These lockdowns aren’t ending. The people who implemented them are committed to continuing them until whatever insane goal they have is achieved. The only other way these end is if there’s some type of revolt and the people who implemented this insanity are put on trial for high crimes and put to death.