The homosexual plagiarist Benny Johnson has entered the groyper war. For those of you who don’t know who this stupid faggot is, he was fired from BuzzFeed several years ago for plagiarism.

Considering how low the standards are at BuzzFeed, you have to be an incredibly useless piece of shit to get fired from such an operation. He was actually found to have plagiarized over 40 articles. It was so bad that BuzzFeed had to issue an official apology.

The point being, is that this clown is an incredibly untrustworthy and disreputable piece of shit.

Comically, this idiot has somehow managed to involve himself with Turning Point USA despite his checkered past.

Interesting that a so-called conservative organization would hire a faggot like Johnson who formally plagiarized articles and worked at BuzzFeed. There is nothing “conservative” about such a person.

Last night right before Fuentes went on air to do his live show, Johnson posted several tweets showing funny random clips of Fuentes which was apparently meant to discredit him. He was attempting to paint him as an evil racist, anti-Semite, Holocaust denier etc.. The same stuff we’ve heard over and over again.

Anglin has already written a piece over at the Daily Stormer on this topic which includes all of the Fuentes tweets posted by Johnson if you want to see them. He also offers a more detailed analysis of the situation that is worth checking out.

But most of the clips were just Fuentes engaging in jokes and humor.

If Johnson thought this was an effective attack, he is sorely mistaken. Most people responded to his tweets telling him that he was a humorless asshole who didn’t understand jokes.

What this shows is that the entire fake conservative establishment is about as humorless as the leftists they are claiming to oppose.

These people are failing miserably in their attempts to discredit Fuentes. The fact that they would trot out a homosexual plagiarist to try and bring down Fuentes is the height of absurdity. They’re resorting to dirty tricks because they are afraid of having an honest debate.