The First Lady of the United States can’t even wish people a happy Thanksgiving without being attacked.

An online mob of unhinged lunatics are literally bashing her for this tweet.

Yahoo News:

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump’s Thanksgiving Day tweet has hit completely the wrong tone, as many people saw the irony in her message that Melania had somehow missed.

As reported by AOL, the tweet was met with plenty of criticism online, with netizens happy to point out Melania’s mistake.

“Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving!” Melania wrote on the social media site. “As we give thanks, let’s keep those who can’t be with their families in our thoughts today,” she added.

At the time of writing, the tweet already had nearly 6,000 responses, with plenty of people sarcastically pointing out that Melania’s husband, U.S. President Donald Trump, has gone and separated about 5,000 troops from their families this year in what is widely considered to be an extremely expensive political stunt.

First off, the military deployment is not a political stunt. There’s a large group of invaders from Central America who want to enter the United States illegally. Deploying the military down to the southern border was a necessity and it is the job of a nation’s military to defend the nation’s borders.

But Melania is not the President of the United States, she’s his wife. She is not responsible for making political decisions or setting policy. Yet despite that, this online mob is criticizing her for her husband’s decisions. It’s totally disgusting quite frankly.

Plus these same assholes never attacked Michelle aka Michael Obama over decisions Barack Obama made. They’re trying to equate Melania as being the same as her husband which is insane and has never happened up until now.

These are some very evil people we are dealing with. Melania is an ideal woman and in a normal situation would be considered a role model for young girls. She’s beautiful, intelligent and supportive of her husband. Yet in this deranged Jewish hell we live in, she’s attacked for wishing people a happy Thanksgiving.

The phrase “clown world” can’t be used enough to describe what’s happening.