The Jewish run enterprise of Facebook is completely out of control with their speech censorship algorithms. Even the Declaration of Independence can’t be posted in its entirety without “hate speech” flags going up.

Daily Mail:

Facebook has flagged a portion of the Declaration of Independence as ‘hate speech’.

Local newspaper The Liberty County Vindicator in Texas had been posting daily bits of the Declaration of Independence in anticipation of the Fourth of July.

But on Monday their content was flagged after it posted an excerpt from the ‘Bill of Particulars’ against Britain’s King George III that included speech calling Native Americans ‘merciless Indian Savages’.

A day after the hate speech violation, the post was restored.

It is interesting that they restored the post. By doing so they violated their own terms of service. If we go by the modern definition of “hate speech” the Declaration of Independence definitely qualifies as just that.

In 2018, you can’t openly call Indians “merciless savages” and get away with it without being called a racist and having your life ruined. This whole situation is merely a reflection of how insane everything has become thanks to all of these completely retarded societal norms that have been force memed on us by Jews.

The bottom line is that America was founded as a nation by Whites and for Whites. It’s founding documents are based on a White supremacist world view.

The whole idea of “hate speech” has always been gibberish invented by Jews to prevent intelligent White men from speaking truth about the reality of the world.¬†Facebook by utilizing “hate speech” algorithms is just a means for them to censor political speech. Facebook should have its assets seized by the government and the company nationalized in the name of public interest. We should not have to put up with this retarded shit any longer.