This is an interesting development.

The neocon homosexual Paul Joseph Watson tweeted an article attacking the Zionist shill Dan Crenshaw for saying that criticizing Israel shouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment.

Crenshaw responded to Watson with a bullshit tweet.

Watson replied to Crenshaw with a solid point.

But then he later tweeted how he wasn’t a fan of the BDS movement and attacked people who expose Israel.

It is good that Watson attacked Crenshaw, but it feels as if Watson is trying to insert himself into the groyper war and may potentially try to misdirect it in some capacity. It’s a bizarre development much like how MILO dropped that Richard Spencer audio clip earlier this week.

And remember, Watson is a homosexual who actively supports the CIA-backed nonsense in Hong Kong. He’s basically gone full blown pro-Israel neocon. And I honestly have no idea why Crenshaw deliberately chose to respond to Watson. It doesn’t make any sense from a strategic standpoint. So who knows what type of fuckery is going on here. It is very strange.