In Massachusetts, a crazy bitch saw a man with a “Trump” MAGA bumper sticker on his car and she proceeded to go insane. She ended up arguing with the man calling him a “racist” and hit the man’s car with her automobile before speeding off.

She was later arrested and now faces criminal charges. One of the news reporters covering the story talked about how there is a thing called “Trump anxiety disorder.” Apparently this is the same thing as “Trump derangement syndrome.” He was alluding to the possibility that this is what this dumb slut has.

But talk about a real nutcase. We have people who can’t handle the fact that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. It’s hard to understand why they are so upset. Under Trump, the economy has been doing much better and much progress is being made with foreign policy.

If I had to guess, this bitch is just mad that Trump wants to deprive her of unlimited nigger cock because of his immigration proposals. Stupid cunt.