Isn’t this something. The kike-run network of CNN has posted an article crying about Notre Dame “conspiracy theories” being spread on what they call the “darker corners of the Internet.”


Even before the blaze at Notre Dame was extinguished, conspiracy theories and fake news about the fire had ricocheted around the internet.

The most egregious examples of misinformation originated in the darker corners of the internet but many found bigger audiences on social media.

One prominent conspiracy theory revolved around the claim that the fire had been deliberately started.

Why the fuck is it a conspiracy theory to suggest that somebody might have deliberately started the fire? It’s a reasonable suggestion considering that Moslems have been desecrating churches all around France. Do we call pundits on television who speculate about a murder case or a crime to be conspiracy theorists?

What makes this so retarded is that CNN is literally one of the biggest promoters of false conspiracy theories. They spent the past two years promoting the Russigate hoax and endless lies about Donald Trump being an agent of the Russian government. Who the fuck are they to criticize anybody else for being “conspiracy theorists” when all they do is promote false conspiracy theories?

This is kikery at its worst.

And just WTF are these “dark corners of the Internet?” It’s literally one of the most overused and ridiculous memes pushed in the kike-run media. Anything they disagree with they say comes from the “dark corners of the Internet.” It’s comical that they keep using this stupid term.

CNN has zero credibility. Any random person with a blog or an unverified Twitter account has more credibility than they do.