This past week Donald Trump talked with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the phone for around an hour or so.

Upon hearing the news, Jews on Twitter freaked out and were making the most noise about it. Just look at some of the deranged tweets from these vermin.

Fuck off Jews. You kikes are projecting what your own tribe is doing on to Putin and Russia. If anybody is controlling the Trump presidency it is Jews and Israel not Russia. Trump hasn’t done shit for Russia. In fact, most of his foreign policy moves have been antagonistic towards them. He’s attacked Syria twice, put sanctions on them, withdrew from a major nuclear arms treaty and has been trying to get Germany to stop using Russia’s natural gas. Are these things Putin would order the puppet Trump to do? Of course not.

Compare that to the long list of things he has done for Israel. It’s no wonder why these kikes have their panties in a bunch over the call. This Russia hoax scam has been totally discredited so all they can do now is claim that a normal call between two world leaders is a major conspiracy. It’s total insanity.

Basically what you have here is this subversive race known as Jews trying to purposefully create bad will between the two largest nuclear armed powers in the world. It’s incredibly transparent what’s going on here.