So the CIA-backed rioters in Hong Kong are using Pepe the Frog in their protests.


In a sea of black-clad protesters wearing safety goggles and yellow hard hats, one face has emerged consistently since Hong Kong’s summer of protests began.

His wardrobe is extensive and colourful, his face iconic, his presence strangely uplifting: he is Pepe, and he is a cartoon frog.

Even before the June 9 anti-extradition march, Pepe was a familiar figure among Hong Kong youths, thanks to a series of viral WhatsApp stickers depicting him in various forms: Pepe puts in overtime at the office, he reclines on a bed of pink clouds as if in a Katy Perry music video, he gives you the finger and even appears as a penis.

High art it is not, but his extensive range of micro-emotion stickers made him a delightful and expressive alternative to emojis.

This is highly unoriginal and downright retarded. Unlike the original Pepe memes from years ago, there is nothing organic about this. It feels like a forced meme and not one that Asian folks would identify with.

Whoever at the CIA dreamed this up should be fired. And besides, Pepe according to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is an anti-Semitic symbol of hate. So why aren’t they calling out these CIA-backed Hong Kong assholes for promoting hate of Jews?

Talk about an incredibly dumb and stupid situation. I would have no problem if the Chinese deployed the military into Hong Kong and crushed these idiotic rioters. This situation has gone on long enough.