There are literally an endless number of things Donald Trump could be attacking Rashida Tlaib and the rest of the squad over. But he’s continuing to focus on them being anti-Semitic haters of Jews despite this being their only redeeming quality.

And sure, I get that he’s just commenting on news. There has been this whole situation with Tlaib getting banned from Israel, then being let in under conditions and her ultimately deciding not to go and then crying about it at a press conference. It’s a very dumb thing.

But seriously, why does everything have to revolve around Jews and Israel? What is so special about these vermin? Why does he feel that he needs to go out of his way to attack the squad over their views on Israel? Why does this have to be at the center of political conversation in America?

He should be attacking the squad for being haters of White people. There’s far more White voters than Jewish voters and White voters represent the vast majority of his base.

So please Mr. President, stop focusing so much attention on Jews and Israel. It’s getting tiring.