The riots in Hong Kong are continuing. As we know, these events are the direct result of the United States using intelligence assets to stir up trouble in order to embarrass China. The Chinese are now openly stating this in their media. The fat Zionist fuck Mike Pompeo has actually met with some of these troublemakers a few months ago so this is a provable and verifiable thing.

The New York Times¬†wrote a comical piece claiming that it is absurd for the Chinese to blame the United States for what’s going on. They implied that it was all a conspiracy theory. But in the same piece they admit how Pompeo met with the publisher of a newspaper that is supportive of this shit.

There is simply no debating the fact that what’s happening is a direct result of the United States using intelligence assets to cause trouble. These are just the facts of the situation.

And besides, the United States has a historical track record of doing this over and over again. They just tried this in Venezuela and Iran. This was also done in Libya and Ukraine before that. Pretty much the entire history of the Central Intelligence Agency is them trying to overthrow foreign governments through covert activities and dirty tricks.

Pompeo before becoming the Secretary of State ran the CIA. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on.

And all of this is unnecessary. It certainly doesn’t help Donald Trump’s ability to negotiate trade with the Chinese as it ruins any good will he may have established with China’s leader Xi Jinping.

Pompeo should be fired for this insanity. Unfortunately, Trump while making some progress in getting control over the government, is certainly not in full control of it. The continued presence of neocons like Pompeo is proof of that.

It’s just hilarious seeing The New York Times and the rest of the Jewish media act like what the Chinese are claiming is some sort of conspiracy theory. It’s why the Jewish media is the very definition of fake news. They promote facts as conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories as facts.