Chicago saw another weekend of gun violence with 52 getting shot. The reason why this is happening is because Chicago has a nigger problem. The vast majority of these incidents are niggers shooting one another.

Fox News:

Days after officials touted a slight decrease in crime, Chicago saw its most violent weekend of the year, with 52 people reportedly shot — including 10 fatally.

The violent spree occurred just days after authorities highlighted a nine percent drop in crime compared to the first five months of 2018.

Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Monday that Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson ordered targeted patrols in certain areas in response to several gang-related incidents since Friday. Guglielmi says those efforts have netted 18 arrests and 92 seized guns since Friday evening.

Hilariously, everyone tries to frame what’s happening in Chicago as a problem with guns. This is totally false. It’s a problem with niggers because it is the niggers that are using guns to shoot other niggers with. If you got rid of niggers, you would not have all of this gun violence.