It looks like even Canada has recognized that they need to get tougher on all this invader nonsense. They are looking at changing their laws so that invaders who have asylum claims in other countries like the United States, will be denied refugee status.


Canada intends to change the law to make it harder for asylum seekers rejected by countries like the US to file refugee claims at the border.

The move comes as thousands of asylum seekers have crossed the border after their claims were rejected in the US.

Amendments were introduced on Monday evening in the Liberal government’s 392-page omnibus budget bill.

An influx of asylum seekers crossing at the US-Canada border has become a hot button political issue.

The law would allow immigration officers at the border to reject refugee claims if the asylum seeker has already made a claim in another country that has an immigration information-sharing agreement with Canada.

These countries include the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The asylum seeker would no longer be entitled to an oral hearing and the claim could not be appealed to an independent tribunal.

All of these brown hordes need to be shipped back where they came from. It is not our fault that they can’t form a functioning society. Bringing them into our countries only causes problems because all they do is bring their third world problems with them.