Last night a brown MAGA guy at President Trump’s El Paso rally attacked a BBC cameraman and yelled “fuck the media.”


A BBC cameraman was violently shoved and abused during a Donald Trump rally in El Paso, Texas, on Monday night, in an incident the corporation described as “unacceptable”.

The BBC’s Washington correspondent Gary O’Donoghue said his colleague Ron Skeans was “fine” despite the “incredibly violent attack”.

Footage from Skeans’ camera, tweeted by O’Donoghue, suggested he and his equipment were knocked off balance for around 10 seconds, as he was filming Trump’s speech. Skeans recovered to film a man in a red Make America Great Again cap being restrained and shouting: “Fuck the media.”

As he was led away some in the crowd at the rally could be heard chanting: “Let him go.”

“Fuck the media” is certainly a message I can agree with. And it isn’t a surprise that someone would eventually get angry enough to start attacking these fools. All these assholes do is lie and mislead. Over 90 percent of the mainstream media coverage on Trump has been negative which proves that they are not being objective. And as we know the media is mostly run by Jews which is why they lie about everything. The people who work for these evil operations are complicit in trying to Jew the American people.

Over in France, people involved with the “Yellow Vest” movement have been physically attacking people who work for the mainstream media. It is good to see that a similar type of anger is starting to bubble over in the United States. People are tired of these liars.