While President Trump held a massive rally in El Paso that drew many tens of thousands of people, Beto O’Rouke held a counter rally that drew a few hundred people. He mostly drew a bunch of unhinged feminists and Marxist retards.

He actually claimed that “walls end lives.”

His speech was the incoherent ramblings of an insane individual.

It’s crazy to me that this mouth breathing nutcase is going to potentially run for the presidency in 2020.

Even though Trump is actually at a low point in his presidency right now, the Democrats are doing some of the most ridiculous and stupid shit imaginable. Everything they’re doing is so deranged, it is causing Trump to gain support.

I mean, what does the Democrat Party stand for right now? They stand for murdering babies, open borders, crime and rearranging every aspect of society to solve the fake problem of climate change. These people are all seriously fucked in the head for supporting such things.