Because some Russians posted a few memes on Facebook, John Bolton has decided that we have to engage in all-out cyber warfare against Russia.


The United States is ramping up cyber operations targeting Russia and other so-called adversaries, in what US National Security Advisor John Bolton says is a response to election meddling.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s CFO Network conference on Tuesday, Bolton said Washington had taken steps to create “structures of deterrence” in cyberspace in order to stop interference in US elections, but what he described sounded a lot like launching a cyber war.

Under a new presidential directive, the administration has “fundamentally changed the way the United States government makes decisions about offensive cyber operations,” Bolton said, adding that the new approach has improved “capabilities across the board to engage in more offensive cyber activities.”

Though Bolton said the measures were intended to “avoid conflict,” the hawkish White House adviser couldn’t resist some public sabre rattling.

“The purpose … is to say to Russia, or anybody else that’s engaged in cyber operations against us, ‘you will pay a price,’” he said. “We will impose costs on you until you get the point.”

This is not smart. The United States as a country relies much more on the Internet and technology than Russia does. Waging cyber warfare against Russia will have much less of an impact on how they function day to day. This policy just invites the Russians to retaliate and any cyber attacks they do against us has the potential to do much greater damage.

It’s as if Bolton sees every problem as a nail and every solution as a hammer. He’s a completely deranged lunatic.

And the people running these cyber programs are mostly boomers who can’t seem to conceptualize the potential outcome of their actions. They thought it was really smart to create all of these cyber weapons and convince technology companies to give them back doors into their software. They failed to secure these tools and these tools escaped into the wild and they have since been used against our own infrastructure. The systems infrastructure for Baltimore’s city government was totally shut down as a result of these hacked tools being used.

So nice job John. You’ve actually made our tech infrastructure less safe with your retarded policies. Please fuck off to Israel so you can be with your Jewish masters you evil Zionist piece of shit.