You want to know why the Middle East is such a mess? Look no further than the evil Zionist Jews of Israel. They are the singular most aggressive actor in the entire region. They just launched another attack against Syria for no particular or specific reason.


Air defense systems have been activated around Tel al-Harah in southern Syria, close to the border with Israel, border to repel an incoming missile attack allegedly launched by the IDF, state news agency SANA reports.

Amid the strike on the strategic mountaintop area in the Daraa Governorate, the IDF allegedly waged “electronic warfare” against the Syrian army’s radar installations, a SANA source noted. The high ground was captured by the government forces from al-Nusra terrorists in July 2018, and currently serves as a crucial air defense position, according to reports.

No casualties from the strikes have been reported. The attack did cause some material damage, the agency reports, citing military sources that blamed Israel for the aggression.

This is yet another aggressive military action by the Jews. They just don’t give it a rest. It’s all part of their Greater Israel agenda to ethnically cleanse the region of non-Jews.

They literally believe that a huge portion of the Middle East belongs to them because of what some volcano God said thousands of years ago. And the United States government supports this insanity. It’s pure madness.

Fuck these Jews. When they die I hope they spend all of eternity in a very, very, very bad place.