I checked out Blarmf’s Twitter feed today and almost half of his tweets were him rambling on about the Russia hoax.

This is getting old. We all get that it was a hoax. When are we going to see a real investigation into the people who staged the hoax? Until we get that, I don’t see the point of tweeting endlessly about it.

American politics for the past two years has been focused largely around boomers arguing back and forth about this stupid hoax. I’m tired of it.

Can we talk about real issues please? Can we look at solving some real problems?

The country right now is being invaded by third world hordes from Central America and more energy has been focused on this retarded hoax than this very real national security threat.

Or fuck, how about infrastructure? What happened to the infrastructure initiative that Blarmf talked about during the 2016 campaign? That’s at least one area where you could get some bi-partisan Congressional support on. America’s airports are shit compared to the rest of the world and need to be immediately be revamped.

I could go on and on. Let’s get back to real issues please. Of course, the chances of this actually happening are pretty small.