Arthur Jones an Illinois Republican Congressional candidate was on CNN earlier today.

He was interviewed by Alyson Camerota who used talking points out of the 1980s to attack Jones. She called him a Nazi, racist etc.. Jones declared that he was an American patriot, called the Holocaust an extortion racket for Jews, exposed how all the wars in the Middle East were for Israel and talked about how the Jews control the media and other important American institutions.

I specifically liked how he cited his status as a Vietnam veteran and called out the Communists and Jews for dodging the draft.

It was an epic performance. Camerota couldn’t refute a single thing he said because everything he said was true. Jones reiterated this point while lashing out at the two-party, Jew-party, queer-party system.

This guy is great. If just a small percentage of the baby boomer generation were like this man, we probably wouldn’t have any of the issues we are faced with today.

What’s happening is that the Jew-run media realizes that they can no longer ignore people who are exposing Jews and the Holocaust hoax. There’s too many people who know what’s going on so they’re being forced to go on the attack. This is going to slowly mainstream political conversations about Jews, the Holocaust and all these sacred cows that people have been afraid to touch.

Even though it is unlikely that Jones will win a seat in Congress, his mere presence in the race is drawing lots of attention. That in of itself is hugely important.

We need to support this man. He is unquestionably a true American patriot.