Various figures associated with the movement including Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach and Mike Enoch along with a group of supporters descended on Washington DC to protest the insane “not guilty” verdict rendered against the illegal alien who shot and killed Kate Steinle.

Here’s a link to the original Periscope feed.

It looks like the guys decided to take our advice and carried American flags to the demonstration. This was good optics as it makes our political opponents look like the anti-American scum that they are. Let our political enemies call people holding the American flag Nazis and KKK members. It makes them look like even bigger idiots and will ultimately help bring more people to our side.

Spencer, Heimbach and Enoch all delivered solid speeches. They were short, to the point and filled with passion. Enoch has more than made up for the doxing debacle a year ago of which I was enormously critical of. His public speeches keep getting better and better.  Heimbach’s rhetoric about being against capitalism was probably a bit confusing to the average person but that’s a minor complaint.

Overall, it was a solid demonstration. Hopefully these guys will do more of them in Washington DC as anything that’s conducted there will get attention and press. There’s already an endless amount of faggots crying and whining about the demonstration on Twitter.