This is some of the most upsetting footage I’ve seen in awhile. Some faggot ZOG cop named Philip Brailsford is shown here executing an unarmed White man in a hotel hallway begging for his life. The incident occurred back in 2016 but this is the first we are seeing of the footage. The worst part about this is that the cop was actually let off on murder charges.


A former Arizona police officer was acquitted on Thursday of a murder charge in the 2016 fatal shooting of an unarmed man outside his hotel room.

The verdict cleared Philip Mitchell Brailsford, 27, of criminal liability in the 2016 death of Daniel Shaver of Granbury, Texas.

The shooting occurred in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa after officers ordered Shaver to exit his hotel room, lay face-down in a hallway and refrain from making sudden movements – or he risked being shot.

Officers were responding to a call saying that someone there was pointing a gun out a window.

Shaver, 26, sobbed as he begged police not to shoot and was ordered to crawl toward officers. As he inched forward, he reached toward the waistband of his shorts. Brailsford said he fired his rifle because he believed Shaver was grabbing a handgun in his waistband.

While no gun was found on Shaver’s body, two pellet rifles related to his pest-control job were later found in his room.

The detective investigating the shooting had agreed Shaver’s movement was similar to reaching for a pistol, but said it also looked as though Shaver was pulling up his loose-fitting basketball shorts that had fallen down as he was ordered to crawl toward officers.

The investigator noted he did not see anything that would have prevented officers from simply handcuffing Shaver as he was on the floor.

The clip shows the faggot ZOG cop issuing the man what were intentionally confusing instructions while holding him at gun point. The man was doing his best to cooperate with him. He was just looking for an excuse to shoot the man dead like he was playing some type of video game.

As the article blurb mentioned, there was nothing that would have prevented the cops from handcuffing the man when he was face down on the floor. He was obviously no threat.

The people on the jury who let this piece of shit off are a bunch of fucking retards. This was an obvious case of murder.

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If I were a member of the victim’s family, I’d be seeking revenge. The justice system totally failed them.

Seriously, fuck the ZOG police state. Was the ZOG police state on our side in Charlottesville? Of course they weren’t. You know the entire system is illegitimate when you got faggot ZOG cops like this cunt bitch running around with a badge and a gun.

Let’s face the facts. If the victim of this shooting was a Black man, this story would have been all over the kike controlled media. In America, it’s open season on Whites. Both cops and minorities have been given carte blanche to slaughter us. This story proves that fact yet again.