Yesterday, the United States Senate held another pointless hearing with big tech executives. Facebook’s Jewish CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey appeared via video conference.

There is no reason to hold any more of these hearings. We already know what these companies have been doing with censorship, blacklisting etc.. This is just an exercise in politicians wanting to appear as if they are taking the many issues with these big tech companies seriously.

The Democrats demanded that these big tech companies engage in even more censorship. Jewish Senator Richard Blumenthal specifically demanded that Zuckerberg ban Steve Bannon, Donald Trump Jr., The Gateway Pundit and others.

The Republicans criticized both Zuckerberg and Dorsey for censoring speech.

Josh Hawley was able to expose a program courtesy of a Facebook whistleblower that the big tech companies use to coordinate mass censorship.

Of course, we already knew that such a program existed considering how various people were banned and/or blacklisted simultaneously from all the major big tech sites. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that these companies were communicating in some capacity. The information exposed by Hawley courtesy of this whistleblower just provided the specifics.

Ted Cruz also made Dorsey looked like an idiot in their exchange.

Outside of that, there really wasn’t anything noteworthy to come out of these hearings. These people have no plans to do anything substantive to fix the problems of online censorship which makes these hearings a stupid circle jerk.

I have been blacklisted by all these companies for years. My domain is on a specific Google blacklist that makes it difficult if not impossible for people to find my material. Because of this mass censorship and the government refusing to do anything about it, I am seriously considering a rebranding of my site and a domain change in order to start reaching people again. Right now, I’m basically just preaching to the choir because of the insane levels of mass censorship we are dealing with.