The United Kingdom is such a fucked up place. A man was just arrested for writing a social media post expressing his support for Brenton Tarrant.


A man has been detained in Greater Manchester for a social media post that allegedly supports the New Zealand mosque attack.

Officers said the 24-year-old from Oldham allegedly made a post making reference and support for the terrible events in Christchurch.

He was detained on suspicion of sending malicious communications.

A police spokesman said: ‘This is a very difficult time for people. The events in New Zealand have reverberated around the world. Many people are in deep shock and are worried.

‘It is at times like this that, as a community, we stand together.

‘Where the law permits and people cross the line, we will take robust action, which may include arrest and prosecution.’

Malicious communications? lol wtf does that even mean.

The British government will literally bring the full force of law down on the native population for posting politically incorrect messages on the Internet. That’s how crazy things are there. Meanwhile, there are Moslems and other forms of deranged third world filth raping children and committing all sorts of other insane acts throughout their country. Little to nothing substantive has been done about that because everyone is afraid of being called “racist.”

The system is trying to enforce this Orwellian false reality of people accepting multiculturalism. But the truth is, everybody hates it. Nobody wants to be around these disgusting camel fuckers. And that’s why people understand why Tarrant did what he did. There will be more of this happening so long as Western governments continue to support the interests of foreign invaders over the interests of the native population.