Paul Nehlen was suspended from Twitter for a week because he stated facts about Jews. He posted a statement about his suspension on his Gab account.


Paul Nehlen (@pnehlen), a GOP candidate for Congress, has been suspended from Twitter for 7 days because he posted factual information about Jewish overrepresentation in the media in response to a BuzzFeed article attacking him. ‬

The tweets in question (which he was forced to delete) clearly did not violate the Twitter Rules in any way, and were highly newsworthy, as evidenced by the numerous articles already written about them and widespread commenting on them by high-profile media personalities such as CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Nehlen is the *second* GOP candidate for federal office to be suspended or banned from Twitter within two weeks. This targeting is a direct and substantial threat to the integrity of our electoral process, and justifies immediate congressional investigation and intervention.

Twitter’s actions only further confirm the need for Nehlen’s proposed #ShallNotCensor legislation. They shock the conscience of any free and open society. This Soviet-style censorship of the new de facto public square cannot be permitted to continue any longer.

This is just another example showing the tyrannical nature of Twitter. It is a fact that Jews control large portions of the American media. Why can’t someone post simple observations about Jews controlling the media on Twitter? Apparently Twitter thinks facts about Jews are anti-Semitic and hateful and therefore can’t be said.

The good news is that the flood gates are really starting to open on the Jewish problem. The Jews can’t just claim that it is only a small number of crazy people in KKK robes talking about this. We have serious people asking legitimate questions about the power that Jews have in our country.

Jews represent two percent of America’s population yet they somehow have control over our most important institutions. It is not unreasonable to ask questions about this. A small minority population should not be dictating the direction of the country.