It seems as if Tucker Carlson is the only person in the mainstream media talking about the recent terrorist attack by an anti-fascist on an ICE building in Washington. Basically what happened is that some boomer-aged anti-fascist fire bombed the building while he was armed with a rifle. Tucker did a segment about it that is worth watching.

Tucker makes all the points I would make.

He talks about how anti-fascists are openly celebrating the attack online yet not being banned from the big social media sites.

He talks about how nobody in the Democrat Party is condemning the attack.

He goes into how some members of the media are actually supporting the terrorist attack.

But we all know why this is allowed to go on. Anti-fascists are literally agents working for the diabolical Jewish system itself. That’s why these groups are never held accountable by law enforcement and never banned from the big social media sites.

Either way, it is good that Tucker is exposing this to a larger audience. He has the most important cable news show on television today simply because his show gets closer to the truth than any other.