Donald Trump’s poll numbers against potential Democrat presidential nominees are not good right now. He’s trailing in the polls against a number of Democrat candidates. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have the strongest numbers in a theoretical contest against them and Trump.

I’m obviously very skeptical of these polls because many of them are used as political propaganda and do not accurately reflect the views of the electorate. We saw this in 2016 when most of the major polls were predicting an easy Hillary Clinton victory.

It is also far too early for these polls to really mean anything. The 2020 election is over a year away.

The thing is, Trump has failed his supporters on two major issues. He has allowed technology companies to ban many of his political allies off of the big social media sites. He has also failed on immigration which was the primary issue he was elected on. So while these polls might be exaggerating how badly he’s doing, I don’t think he’s doing all that well.

The energy that got him elected in 2016 is gone now. He could theoretically gain some of that energy back if he at least did something about the political censorship of big tech. But the only thing he has done about the issue is tweet about it. This has been totally demoralizing.

And the fact that he’s openly shilling a hoax video to do a war against Iran is even more demoralizing. Another reason people supported him is that between him and Clinton, he was the candidate less likely to do another big war. Clinton was openly shilling doing all sorts of wars during the campaign.

He’s giving his supporters no reason to come out and vote for him in 2020. There’s still time for him to fix this, but the window is rapidly closing.

I really wish he wasn’t doing all these things that are forcing me to write posts attacking him and calling him out as the orange potato man. Unfortunately, he’s not giving me any alternative.