There have been huge protests in the city of Hong Kong over the past week or so. The protests have been over an extradition bill that Hong Kong residents believe will further subject them to Chinese law.

The protests have been so big that it has forced the government to suspend the implementation of the law. The female leader of the city is also facing pressure to resign as a result of her role in trying to push the law through.

The thing is, Hong Kong for all intents and purposes is a part of China. There was an agreement between the Chinese and the British to turn over control of the city to China back in 1997. Because of their unique status, they have maintained some autonomy, but they are still officially a part of China.

I honestly have no dog in this fight. But it is odd to see how millions of people are protesting in the streets over this when Hong Kong has been a part of China for over two decades.

I guess they think that if this law is passed, they could potentially get kidnapped by agents of the Chinese government for political activities. But considering the state of West where political dissent is censored and ruthlessly crushed, being a part of China doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. You could even argue that there is more freedom in China than there is in the West. At the very least they have a much more functional society. The West due to the subversive presence of Jews has become a dysfunctional cesspit.