All this talk about funding the border wall has been one of the most ridiculous things imaginable. In that $1.3 trillion omnibus piece of shit spending bill that just got approved, it funded all sorts of nonsense including border security for foreign countries. It only included $1.6 billion for border fencing maintenance.

The President has finally said something that I’ve been wondering about for a long time. Why can’t the military just build the damn border wall? Declare a national emergency and have the military oversee its construction. After all, he just got $700 something billion for the military. I’m sure $25 billion of that could be used for the wall in some capacity. Surely, there is a way to do this. It is not an exaggeration to declare the current situation a national emergency. Our country is being invaded by drugs and an endless number of beaner monkeys.

But this is just talk. I want to see some action. Order the military to build the fucking thing. We are sick of waiting. Let the kike-run media cry about it and tell that Jew weasel Chuck Schumer to fuck off back to Israel.