Recently, China announced a round of tariffs on American goods coming into their country. Donald Trump has responded to this, with even more aggressive tariffs on Chinese goods.

While I oppose the chicanery going on in Hong Kong, I fully support Trump implementing these types of tariffs on China.

All sorts of manufacturing jobs were sucked out of the United States and shipped over to China over the past several decades. That’s because little if any tariffs were placed on Chinese goods in the name of “free trade.” There was no attempt to protect American industry from all the cheap Chinese shit that was being dumped into our market. This policy aided the rise of China as a major economic power.

So Trump’s tariffs are really just a return to sanity. And they do much more damage to the Chinese than anything they can do to us. That’s because there’s far fewer products going into China from America.

Trump also questioned if China’s leader Xi Jinping or Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell is a bigger enemy of America which was a pretty interesting statement.

Of course, this reveals that trade negotiations with the Chinese can’t be going so well. To compare China to the Jewish Federal Reserve system is pretty harsh. As I’d say the Fed is definitely much more evil than the Chinese. The Fed has put the American people into a system of debt enslavement which is far worse than anything the Chinese have ever done.