It looked like we were heading towards some sort of military withdrawal in Afghanistan, but now that seems far less likely.

Secret peace talks with the Taliban were just called off.

I find it interesting that this announcement from Trump comes shortly after Iran announced they were increasing their uranium enrichment. It sounds like this attack or whatever happened, gave Trump a convenient excuse to call of the talks.

One of the reasons we’ve had such a long term military presence in Afghanistan is to isolate Iran for the benefit of Israel. Having the military in Iraq and Afghanistan means that Iran is surrounded by American military assets to the west and east of their country.

The whole thing is ridiculous. I couldn’t care less what happens in Afghanistan. We should just withdraw and ban all Afghans from traveling to the United States. There’s no reason for this continued chicanery.

It’s been almost 20 years of active military presence over there. But I guess we’ll just be over there for the next 100 years because the American government does everything that Jews and Israel demand.