Donald Trump just went on a tweetstorm attacking Fox News. Guess he’s finally started to realize that Fox News was never really on his side.

Tucker Carlson’s broadcast is the only truly worthwhile show on Fox News. Outside of that, the network isn’t all that much better than CNN or MSNBC. They only went through the motions of being pro-Trump in order to maintain relevancy. But now with the 2020 election coming up, they’re promoting Democrat debates and hiring disreputable individuals like Donna Brazile.

But the base of his support was always on the Internet. That’s where the energy of the 2016 campaign was. Unfortunately, he allowed Silicon Valley to ban his most prominent supporters from all the major social media sites. Take for example Alex Jones, MILO, Gavin McInnes etc..

We are now at the point where run of the mill MAGApedes are being targeted for censorship. The popular pro-Trump message board /r/The_Donald has been quarantined by Reddit and will probably soon be removed. And we’ve even seen how cuckservative comedians like Steven Crowder have been demonetized and nearly banned off of YouTube.

The combination of all these personalities, represented an enormous pro-Trump media machine that he let be systematically destroyed by the assholes in Silicon Valley. Even though he has this upcoming social media summit to talk about this situation, I am extremely pessimistic that he will do anything substantive to fix this situation. The time for talk was over years ago. We need action against these organizations to protect the First Amendment.