Time Magazine published a cover showing a sobbing little spic child with the President sternly staring at her. The fictionalized picture was meant to portray Donald Trump as a heartless and mean person over the issue of illegal alien child separation.

And never mind the emotional blackmail represented, the girl shown was never actually separated from her parents. The father of the girl admitted this which makes the image even more misleading.

But what is this cover trying to tell us? That we as Americans are obligated to let in every poor brown child from around the planet? And that we must do this because it is sad? This is nothing but emotional hysterics.

We do not have the resources to take care of every poor brown child that is born into this world. And even if we did, there are millions of brown children who are continuously born into poverty. So this an endless cycle that can’t be solved by absorbing them into our country. It is just not practical or feasible.

On top of this, bringing in hordes of brown people will only cause a transformation of America into a place that resembles the third world where they came from. We see this all around us. Look at the pockets of places around the country where you have large numbers of black and brown people. They have all been turned into the third world.

So no, we are not going to be emotionally manipulated by this ridiculous propaganda. And if you legitimately wanted to help all these poor brown children, the last thing you’d want to do is to turn America into these impoverished places. You’d want America to be great and in order for America to be great it needs to be controlled and run by White people.