Joe Rogan caught a great deal of shit after his initial interview with Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey. It was a softball interview and he did not aggressively question Dorsey on the censorship practices of the site.

It appears as if he’s trying to redeem himself. He brought on Tim Pool to question Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and their Paki global lead for legal, policy, trust and safety Vijaya Gadde. Pool utterly destroyed these people by conclusively showing the politically biased nature of who gets banned from the site. He brought up specific people who were banned for bullshit reasons like MILO, Chuck Johnson and Alex Jones.


Journalist Tim Pool’s questioning of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and executive Vijaya Gadde on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Tuesday, is what Dorsey’s congressional hearing should have been.

During Dorsey’s hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in September, some representatives asked the right questions, and attempted to hold Dorsey accountable for political bias and hypocrisy on the social network.

However, most opted to ask softball questions, refer to censorship against conservatives as a “conspiracy theory,” and even defend Twitter.

During Dorsey’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience this week, however, Tim Pool grilled Dorsey and Gadde on the platform’s hypocritical policy enforcement, questioning why many conservatives and libertarians had been banned from Twitter but not left-wing accounts that made death threats, promoted violence, and ran fake bot accounts to manipulate the 2017 Alabama Senate election.

Though Dorsey and Gadde tried to dodge most of the questions, Pool managed to make Dorsey admit that they “were probably way too aggressive” when Twitter started banning accounts for telling journalists to learn to code after a series of media layoffs– a humorous reference to articles journalists had written telling laid off blue collar workers to do the same.

Pool also brought up how they do nothing to ban leftists and anti-fascists who violate their rules. He even brought up a specific case of how Twitter did nothing when anti-fascists threatened violence against him.

I’m not even sure why Dorsey and Gadde agreed to do the podcast. Maybe they’re attempting to do damage control thinking they’re in danger of the government dropping the hammer on them. Either way, they did nothing to advance their case and defend their actions.

One thing that was odd about the podcast was how Dorsey barely said anything throughout the show. He let Gadde do most of the talking. The guy looked out of it and was probably on dope.

It’s also worth noting that Gadde is a big fan of Hillary Clinton which explains why she runs her department the way she does. She called her meeting with Clinton in 2014 an inspiration.

It couldn’t be any more obvious that Gadde was lying throughout the podcast. She claims that their ban policy is not politically biased against the right-wing which is total bullshit. Anybody who has been following the history of Twitter censorship knows that their bans primarily target right-wingers. Rarely if ever do you see somebody on the political left get banned. Pool specifically referenced an article which analyzed how all but a single high profile ban was against right-wingers. Gadde responded by claiming that she doesn’t look at any of this through a political lens a claim of which is highly dubious considering her love of Hillary Clinton.

The main problem with Twitter and these other social media sites is that they claim to be a platform but operate as a publisher. If they operate as a platform, they are lawfully required to allow people to post on their platform so long as they do so within the confines of the law. They are not doing this by banning people like Alex Jones and many others. By operating this way, they are operating as a publisher. This is where the government could potentially step in and force them to stop censoring people. But considering nothing has happened yet, it’s hard to be optimistic that any action will be taken.

The one thing I will say is that Pool did a great job holding Twitter’s management to account during the interview. It is definitely worth a watch.